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App Design: Sound Blaster Connect

A Working Project in Creative Technology



Sound Blaster Connect is a device control panel to let users calibrate and customize every aspect of the Creative products' settings. Comparing the past era of individual devices bundled with individual companion apps, Sound Blaster Connect acts as a platform that facilitates the ecosystem of Sound BlasterX Pro Gaming products and Creative Sound Blaster products and the overall experience for the user.

Windows Platform & Mobile Platform

Considering the scenarios of different products and platforms(PC/Mobile), the functionalities and interactions of Sound Blaster Connect are differentiated between Windows and Android/iOS.

Sound Blaster Connect (Windows)

Sound Blaster Connect (Android)

My Role
  • Draft wireframes for Windows, Android and iOS platforms and iterate design with usability testing.

  • Write up and maintain the interaction documents and cooperated with the Windows development team and mobile development team respectively to release public.

  • Improve software based on customer feedback and new integrated products.

  • Improve the UI design for Android and iOS.

Contact me for more details.


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