Ledong (乐动) Sport App Design

"Ledong" (乐动) is a sport app which can guide user and help user schedule the exercise as well as track and monitor the exerciser.

The whole project costs 2 months for market research, user reserach and prototyping.

User Requirement

After the research on the existing similar sport apps and interview with 7 potential users (5 male and 2 female), there are 4 main functions are expected and required:

  1. Data Storage: Register users’ basic personal information for exercise schedule; Create account to store and management further historical data.

  2. Exercise Schedule: Recommend scientific and balance exercise plan according to exercise strength and user’s basic data.

  3. Real-time Guidance: Record the real-time exercise route, speed and vital signs. Give feedback and alert to users in the exercise.

  4. Feedback and Recommendation: According to the exercise tracking and monitoring, give user the specific feedback for the exercise and recommendation for next time.

Function Frame
Prototype Example

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